- Look at you girl
Look at you girl
Lookin` like the shorty I was with last night
In my dreams
Now it seems like it`s reallly gonna be
Now that you`re dancing with me
When you move,I`ll be up on it
Cause you now I`m fellin` like, yo
I can see it in your eyes
Gotscha things on my things
And my hands on ya hips
Girl I want to see you bounce

I see you checkin` me out
Maybe I can take you to my house, to the
Brdroom … then I`ll break you off
I can put it down … if you come around
What`s it gonna be, baby girl are you leaving
With me

Cause I can do
The things you like
So girl c`mon and spend the night
If it`s alright girl, I`ll hit it right
Tonight`s ya night
If it`s alright … if it`s alright

Shakin` em down
You really make me wanna go downtown … me –ow
In my dream everything I did
Made you give me every bit of your time
Time I let you know cause yo … I`m fellin` like what
You and me …. Meant to be …. Destiny
My fantasy`s gonna be reality

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